Here Stood A Breathtaking Question: Were The Rules Even Written Down At Google Anymore?

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Has AI changed the SEO industry for better or worse?

As a result of this shift, Google capitalized immensely on PPC ad revenue. It even created “Learn with Google,” a gleaming classroom where SEO conference attendees could learn how to maximize PPC spend. An article by Search Engine Land columnist Kristine Schachinger about the lack of information on a major algorithmic update , and Google’s flippant response by interim spokesman Gary Illyes, had all of the SEO industry’s frustration wrapped up in a nutshell. What was going on? Removing the brakes — the switch to an AI-powered search engine At the same time, Google was experimenting with new machine learning techniques to automate much of the updating process to its search engine. Google’s methodology has always been to automate as much of its technology as it could, and its core search engine was no different. The pace of Google’s search engine switch to artificial intelligence caught many off-guard . This wasn’t like the 15 years of manual algorithm updates to its index. This felt like a tornado had swept in — and within a few years, it changed the landscape of SEO forever. The rules were no longer in some blog or speech by Matt Cutts. Here stood a breathtaking question: Were the rules even written down at Google anymore? Much of the search engine algorithms and their weightings were now controlled by a continuously updating machine-learning system that changed its weightings from one keyword to the next.

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