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Who Really Owns Semperit Aktiengesellschaft Holding (VIE:SEM)? In this analysis, my focus will be on developing a perspective on Semperit Aktiengesellschaft Holding’s ( WBAG:SEM ) latest ownership structure, a less discussed, but important factor. A company’s ownership structure is often linked to its share performance in both the long- and short-term. Different types of investors can have varying degrees of influence on a company’s management team. For example, an active institutional investor may be more likely to hold a company accountable for certain actions whereas a passive fund will move in and out of stocks without regards to corporate governance. The implications of these institutions’ actions can either benefit or hinder individual investors, so it is important to understand the ownership composition of your stock investment. Now I will analyze SEM’s shareholder registry in more detail. Institutions account for 17.03% of SEM’s outstanding shares, a significant enough holding to move stock prices if they start buying and selling in large quantities, especially when there are relatively small amounts of shares available on the market to trade. Although SEM has a high institutional ownership, such stock moves, in the short-term, are more commonly linked to a particular type of active institutional investors – hedge funds. In the case of SEM, investors need not worry about such volatility considering active hedge funds don’t have a significant stake. However, we should dig deeper into SEM’s ownership structure and find out how other key ownership classes can affect its investment profile. The general public holds a substantial 28.79% stake in SEM, making it a highly popular stock among retail investors. This size of ownership gives retail investors collective power in deciding on major policy decisions such as executive compensation, appointment of directors and acquisitions of businesses. This level of ownership gives retail investors the power to sway key policy decisions such as board composition, executive compensation, and potential acquisitions. This is a positive sign for an investor who wants to be involved in key decision-making of the company.

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